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Wolfe Animal Hospital offers a range of services to take care of your family member from their puppy and kitten years through their senior years.

Wellness Exams

Our veterinarians perform comprehensive physical exams on your pet evaluating them from nose to tail. These exams are important as they can often help our team identify problems and recommend the best preventive care for your family member to include dental cleanings, nutritional recommendations, a vaccination plan for their lifestyle and screening bloodwork.

Pet Vaccinations

We provide routine vaccinations for dogs and cats. In addition to the core vaccinations recommend by the American Animal Hospital Association, we offer additional vaccines based on the disease risks in our area and your pet’s lifestyle such as the canine influenza vaccine and the rattlesnake vaccine.

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Parasite Control

Heartworms, ticks, fleas and intestinal parasites can all lead to disease in both dogs and cats. Our veterinary team can help you choose the products that are best for your pet offering both in hospital options and additional products through our online pharmacy.

Dental Care

Dental disease in small animals can cause more than just smelly breath. Chronic inflammation and infection can cause your pet pain and lead to heart, lung and kidney problems. We offer dental cleanings that address both the dental disease you can see in your pet’s mouth and the disease below the gum line. 


Your pet may require surgery at some point in their life. Our hospital performs routine elective procedures such as spaying and neutering your pet as well as more involved soft tissue and some orthopedic procedures. Some of our non-routine procedures include Caesarian Section, mass removal, and laceration and wound repair.

In-House Lab

Our laboratory offers a range of diagnostics to help better evaluate your pet’s overall health. These include intestinal parasite screens, in-house cytology, heartworm tests, complete blood counts, internal organ function screens, tick-borne disease screens, thyroid testing and urinalysis.

Digital Imaging and Ultrasound

Wolfe Animal Hospital has a digital imaging suite that include digital radiology and ultrasound. Our imaging services include hip dysplasia screens and pregnancy screens.

Health Certificates

Our team can help you navigate the regulatory details of traveling with your pet within the United States and internationally. We always recommend you schedule a consult appointment for travel outside the continental United States to ensure your pet has everything it needs.