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Meet Our Veterinary Team

The skilled veterinarians and veterinary team at Wolfe Animal Hospital are always available to provide exceptional care to pets.

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Administrative Team

Adrianne Hunter #1

Adrianne Hunter

Practice Manager

Jennifer Bollinger #1

Jennifer Bollinger

Office Manager, Certified Veterinary Assistant

Jessica Solomon #1

Jessica Solomon

Receptionist, Certified Veterinary Assistant

Rebecca Harper #1

Rebecca Kirkland

Receptionist, Inventory Manager

Christa Heffley #1

Christa Heffley


Haley Driggers

Haley Driggers


Veterinary Assistants

Amy Barwick #1

Amy Barwick

Certified Veterinary Assistant

Faith Durrance #1

Faith Durrance

Certified Veterinary Assistant

Karen Harper #1

Karen Harper

Certified Veterinary Assistant, Lab Technician

Shelby Daniels #1

Shelby Daniels

Certified Veterinary Assistant

Zachary Justice #1

Zachary Justice

Veterinary Assistant

Lexi Chewning #1

Lexi Chewning

Veterinary Assistant

Amanda Kelly #1

Amanda Kelly

Registered Veterinary Assistant

Ashley Arnold #1

Ashley Arnold

Veterinary Assistant

Beth Wallingsford #1

Beth Wallingsford

Certified Veterinary Assistant

Hospital Ward

Tonya Todd #1

Tonya Todd

Veterinary Assistant, Hospital Ward Manager

Jackson Phillips #1

Jackson Phillips

Hospital Ward Attendant

Wolfe Grooming Studio

Lacey Sawyer #1

Lacey Sawyer

Groomer, Manager

Kailee Brogdon #1

Kailee Brogdon


New Patients Welcome

Wolfe Animal Hospital is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Jesup companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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