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Wolfe Animal Hospital is a mixed-animal veterinary practice. As such, we offer comprehensive large animal services, including equine, bovine, swine, and small ruminants. Our skilled, experienced doctors would enjoy coming to your farm if you're within our service radius of 20 miles. Otherwise we welcome haul-ins to our facility. 

Some of the services we offer:

  • Routine wellness exams

  • Lameness evaluations  

  • Annual vaccinations  

  • Dental procedures  

  • Coggins Testing  

  • Soft Tissue Surgery  

  • Health certificates  

  • Testing for trichomoniasis (Trich testing)  

  • Testing for and vaccination against Brucellosis  

  • Dehorning 

  • Castrations  

  • Pregnancy Palpation and Dystocias 

  • Calf Delivery/ C-section  

  • Breeding Soundness Evaluations (BSE) 

  • Colic Triage and Management 

  • Full in house diagnostics 

  • Portable Digital Radiology (Xrays)

  • Develop Herd and Stable Management Programs 

  • Equine Wellness Plans

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